Resin floors and their use

High demands are placed on floors – both by the user and by rules and regulations. Each floor, function and specific load is accompanied by specific requirements. Arturo knows these requirements like no other and carefully responds to them.


The colors of the Arturo Colour Collection® are available in two types of polyurethane self-smoothing floors.

Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing floor

Floors for a light load. It is highly elastic, UV-resistant and offers highest walking comfort. Ideal for homes and stores or, for example, restaurants, museums and showrooms.

Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing floor

For light to medium loads. Ideal as a finish for floors in schools, laboratories, hospitals, print shops, canteens, technical rooms, etc.

How long does it take to install a resin floor?

Hoe lang duurt het om een gietvloer aan te leggen?

The construction of a resin floor depends on the substrate (concrete or cement / anhydrite) and the chosen structure.

In general, the construction of an Arturo self-smoothing floors such as Arturo PU2030 or PU2060 Self-Smoothing Floor takes 3, 4 or 5 days. After 24 hours, the floor can be walked on and after 72 hours, you can place furniture etc. on it.

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