In addition to the colors that are specially formulated for the Arturo Style Compass®, we also offer the Arturo Evergreens. These are basic colors that have proved their strength over the years. Arturo Evergreens come in eight Unicolors and eight concrete looks.


The neutral Arturo Evergreens create a solid basis for any interior. The different color shades of the Arturo Evergreen Unicolors make them suitable for any interior. These colors should all be finished with a satin gloss or matt top coat. This allows you plenty of space to create your own favourite look.


  • Basic White
  • Misty Grey
  • Iron Grey
  • Dusty Grey
  • Fossil Grey
  • Solid Grey
  • Calm Grey
  • Stylish Grey


Create a representative look with cool greys as a base or a ‘home-sweet-home’ effect with warm cosy colors. Everything is possible with a concrete look. These basic colors are timeless and provide a sophisticated palette, suitable for almost any interior.

Concrete look

  • Morning Flow
  • Calm Breeze
  • Soft Stone
  • Graphite Touch
  • Basic Wash
  • Raw Basalt
  • Sandy Shades
  • Frozen Cosmos
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